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Sunday, September 10, 2017

What happened to our Peace Rose?

From the 1948 California Nursery Catalog
These colors? Did the Peace Rose ever have these colors? Was this a colorized photo by someone who didn't know the true colors?

The California Nursery Company was the official propagator of the Peace Rose on the West Coast in the mid 1940's. This was the color shown in their catalog. But the Roedings remember a different color than the color sold today.

Weeks Roses sells this as their Peace Rose. Quite different. And the actual rose we bought is a light yellow. I asked if this would "color up" and the answer was maybe.

But this is the Peace that we have. Time will tell.

Update about one week later

Okay, we planted our roses and here's what we got.

Is that Magic? or What?

OK, what science causes that lemon yellow to turn all pink and white?

We have another Peace rose planted in the garden that never colors up and it is in a pretty shady spot.


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