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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Shinn's Lamarque rose

"La Marque Rose, 
thirteen years old, 
budded on Cherokee stock, 
on the Shinn farm house at Niles California"
From Vick's Illustrated Magazine,
February 1891
So it was planted in 1878.

The Shinn house once had a very large rose bush climbing up its walls. No longer. A yellow rose clambers up the trellis.

Charles Howard Shinn wrote about "California Rose Cottages" in Vick's Illustrated Magazine in 1891. He used a photograph of the farm home in Niles where he grew up. The La Marque rose is approaching the size of a house-eating rose.

Charles says "Then when people ask still further, what roses to plant, I have told them to begin almost any where, but that a Lamarque was good to start with, for one could plant it on a hillside with a crowbar, and it would come out ahead."

The La Marque rose is listed in the Shinn's Nurseries catalog.

From Museum of Local History,
A different photo of the Shinn House,
probably the other side of the house.
Is this a Lady Banks rose on the left and another on the right?
Or some other rose mentioned in the catalog?
This is probably the southwest side of the house.

I recently found the Lamarque rose at the U.C. Berkeley Botanic Garden. I would love to see it growing again at Shinn Park, perhaps less rambunctiously. (Although now I find that this is not a Lamarque rose at all! Need to check labels!)

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