Banquet Piece, Pieter Claez

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blue is my favorite color...

But which blue is the sky?
Did my photo even capture the right color? when I heard that Alexander von Humboldt had a cyanometer to measure the blueness of the sky, I decided that I need one, too.

What is "sky blue"? I've taken painting classes and am not sure I've ever achieved sky blue. I remember that Dr. Raabe was looking for a sky-blue flower. I wonder if he ever found it. And measuring its wavelength seems like cheating.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Medlar Medley

Medlar awaiting bletting.
An otherwise disappointing fruit.
A hard tart fruit of Medieval propagation
Sat listlessly awaiting fermentation.

    "You must," sang the wise Bette Midler,
    "Show patience for the bletting medlar!"

"Sorbic acid is its only taste salvation!"

Visiting Niles and the California Nursery Historical Park

Are you wondering what else you can do in Niles?

Sunset magazine recently ran an article about the Niles district. Check out their article

Not listed in the article are Devout coffeeBroncho Billy pizza, the Nile Cafe, and Mr. Mikey's.  What can I say?