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Saturday, February 25, 2017

"An Early Winter Garden in California" November 7, 1889

A garden that sounds like Shinn Ranch

American Garden, January 1890

Women's Floral Colony in San Mateo County?

American Gardening, June 1890

Unshiu citrus? Won Shu? Oonshiu? Satsuma?

In February 1986, at the Kato Memorial Garden, Don Dillon,  Four Winds Citrus nurseryman and Fremont city councilman, gave a dedication. His prepared notes said that "James Shinn, a prominent nurseryman, lived here and began a relationship with Japan by importing Japanese plums, persimmons and Unshiu oranges, some of which can still be found behind the Ozumia. He also brought in the beautiful Japanese maple located in the front of the garden. This happened in the period 1860 and 1890."

There are two trees in the garden behind the azumaya (ozumia), of unknown age. Are they Unshiu? or Won Shu as a relative of James Shinn called them? What is an Unshiu orange?

I posted the question to the California Rare Fruit Grower forum and found out that the Unshiu is now known as the Satsuma Mandarin (David Karp, UCR)