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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Teasing out the Peace Rose History and Weaving in the California Nursery Company

The Roeding family history says that the California Nursery Company was the official West Coast propagator of the Peace rose. Or were they one of several? What about Armstrong?

It is also said that George Roeding, Jr. arranged to have Peace roses delivered to some number of delegates for the United Nations meeting in San Francisco.

Yet there is never any mention of this in the official Peace rose history. Why?

A clipping from "The Argonaut" in 1946 fills in some of the blanks.

The bud wood (not named "Peace" at that point, but 3-45-50? Madame Meilland?) was sent to “nurseries” in California in 1944. It was in an AARS trial program! Did the CNCo serve an AARS test garden at that time? (Was the California Nursery the official west coast propagator, but not tester?)

2) The pink doesn’t come out in the cold…which is why they didn’t color up in the shade in my backyard. They pinked up this morning!
3) Jinx Falkenberg was the movie star who christened it in Pasadena. She’s pretty glamorous! No wonder they had to get glamorous Betty
4) The heads of 49 delegations were presented the blooms in SF by George C. Roeding, Jr., acting for the ARS.

There is quite a lot on the story of the Peace Rose. Here's just a bit:

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