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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Banana Plant at San Jose Fair 1887

Eastern Capitalists examining Banana Plant
Banana Plant in Fruit. 
March 5, 1887, Pacific Rural Press, page 193

"On entering the pavilion during the recent citrus fair at San Jose, one obtained a glimpse like that shown in the engraving on this page, the prominent object in the foreground being the thrifty banana plant fromJohn Rock's nurseries near the city of San Jose. This plant stood 10 feet high, had a stalk 8 inches in diameter, and leaves 6 feet long by 18 inches broad. The bunch of fruit, 18 inches long, was still green, and the blossoms had not disappeared. The plant was in fine show condition and was much admired.

The camera, though charged with the special duty of catching the banana, captured also a vista of the inner parts of the pavilion, including a group of people who may be regarded as Eastern capitalists delighted with the grand display made of California productions. One is apt to meet many such people at our industrial fairs in all parts of the State."

Oh, Pacific Rural Press editor, so witty! Pardon the fruit colored fonts. I couldn't help it.

Be sure to check out the Orange Monument on page one and "E. Borguinon's Floral Monument" on page 197.  On page 196, there is an explanation "Our Illustrations" explaining the new photographotype process.

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