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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Old Books about Old Roses

From Rosarum Monographia.
Ethelyn Emery Keays wrote the classic 1935 book Old Roses.  Ethelyn was a rose rustler before there was such a name for the people who went searching for our lost rose varieties in gardens, cemeteries, and road sides.

Her chapter on "Libraries and Rose Books" lists the books that she used for her rose research. Ethelyn visited these books at libraries and gardens. Many of the books are online now. She might have loved the easy access to all of these old books. It would have have made research quite easy. However, I suspect that she enjoyed meeting the interesting people who took care of the books.

I have collected several of her references here and will add as I go.


The Old Rose Advisor has a huge list of citations. More later!

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