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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Towering Garden Art

Whenever I see a tower, I take a look from below. Here are some of my favorites. Some were created for art and others for electrical reasons.

This tower resides in the sculpture garden of the Kröller Müller Museum in Otterlo, Netherlands. From a distance it looks quite fragile and insubstantial, like a pile of magnetized needles, ready to fall into another form at a gust of wind. However, when you look at it from below, all the pipes orient themselves into a six-pointed star, quite substantial.

Needle Tower II, 1969

Five Canyons electric towers, Castro Valley

This electric tower is an inadvertant art tower.

Not quite straight up.

San Jose electric tower replica 

In 1881 in San Jose, a 237-foot tower with an electric light was installed to provide light at night. This Moonlight tower collapsed in a storm on December 3, 1915, the day before the Panama-Pacific International Exposition closed in San Francisco.

In the San Jose History Park, there is a half-size replica of the original electric light tower in San Jose. From beneath it is a circle and square design.

Electric Light Tower - History San Jose.
This interesting history park is i
n Kelley Park in San Jose.
Check when the buildings are open. The days/hours can be odd.

A Beautiful Wave Sculpture no matter which way you look at it.

Roger Berry's "Rising Wave" is quite dynamic. If you walk around it you see various views and the shadows are quite nice. Would love one in the yard. Beans and hops in summer and shadows in winter.

Another Snelson sculpture

On a tree tour of Stanford, we spied this sculpture. It looked like another Kenneth Snelson sculpture and indeed it was. But no matter which way I looked at it, nothing lined up like Needle Tower. It is titled "Mozart I" and perhaps it is supposed to look musical or melodic, but I couldn't make any visual sense it at all. Is there one view that creates a beautiful shape?

From below, interesting

The most sense I could find.

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