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Monday, April 4, 2016

On a Search for Old Palms

Marked up Brainard map from the 
1880 Santa Clara County Brainard Agricultural Atlas.
Individual maps are accessed on right hand side. 
This is the Berryessa & Milpitas districts map.
The green outline is a golf course! 
See next map.

John Rock's nursery in the 1880's was near Wayne Station. This map overlay (onto Google Earth) shows where his property lies, outline in blue. His future partner R.D. Fox (& his wife) has two nursery properties, outlined in red.

An excellent lead is that Chilean wine palms are in these areas.

The roads, Rock Avenue, Fox Drive, and Fox Lane that have been named after these historical nurseries and lie within the property boundaries.

The furthest south property is part of the San Jose Municipal golf course. Have they taken care of their palms?

1876 map

Red is B.S. Fox and green is John Rock

Same golf course in the more subdued green.

B.S. Fox's nursery is in 1876 Thompson & West.

Residence and Orchard

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