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Monday, April 4, 2016

Louis Prevost Nursery in San Jose

From San Jose News, January 27, 1942
Louis Prévost had one of the first "Pleasure gardens" in San Jose. Mrs. Mattie Reed Lewis saw the first La France rose in his garden. La France is considered the first hybrid tea rose. He also possibly inspired B.S. Fox and John Rock in their nursery endeavors.He brought the first or some of the first California fan palm seeds to San Jose.

This article says his property is now Live Oak Park. Lots of live oaks. Where was this park?

There is a picture of his home that was "bounded by Guadalupe River, a line just north of San Carlos street, and what is now Spencer Avenue and West William Street." Definitely confusing directions! There is a Prevost Street near Spencer. Need old map!

What I found was a 1956 map pre-freeway map. It looks like it is exactly where the Children's Discovery Museum is located!

He died in 1869, according to the photo.

From 1956 Shell map

Check the 1876 map for Prevosts Survey
Also 1938 map.

More clues in 2017


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