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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Wild Garden, William Robinson

The Wild Garden was published originally in 1870. In 1903, it was republished (with many changes?) with illustrations by Alfred Parsons with this note:
"The wild rose has given her petals to the winds for over twenty summers since this book with its solitary wood cut first saw the light, and if these many years give me any right to judge my own book, I may say that much experience since tells me that the 'Wild Garden' deserved to live, and that such ideas carried out with some regard to the soil and other things affecting plants in each place, may be fertile in making our open air gardens more artistic and delightful."

Read the illustrated 1903 version of The Wild Garden in Google books.


  • Project Gutenberg, several formats
  • Internet archive, scanned, 1870, no pictures, The Wild Garden: Our Groves and Shrubberies Made Beautiful.
  • Google books, has the 1870 version and a 1903 version (The Wild Garden:
    Or, the Naturalization and Natural Grouping of Hardy Exotic Plants...)
    , with pictures.
  • Hathitrust has the 1870 version and several other William Robinson books

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