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Saturday, October 12, 2013

An Abundance of Apples

This is the time of year to make Julia Child's version of the apple Tarte Tatin.  (What with "little Bart" being in Belgium, I was tempted to call it Tart Tintin... and apparently I am not alone.)

From Wikipedia 

Here's Emiril's recipe for Julia's Tart along with a video of Emeril and Julia cooking it.
Julia calls for Golden Delicious apples which are very abundant this year on our tree.  You will also see other recipes call for Granny Smith, MacIntosh, and Gala mentioned as well as any good baking apple.  You just don't want an apple that will turn to mush.

What were the apple varieties used in France?
Wikipedia says Reine des Reinettes and Calville were used.  We have grafted these two varieties on our apple tree, so next year, maybe we will get to use them.