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Friday, October 25, 2013

The California Nursery Company's Float in the 1929 Fiesta de las Rosas

The California Nursery Company float
in the 1929 Fiesta de las Rosas parade.
Photographer - Frank Steiner, May 18, 1929
From OCLC WorldCat
San Jose has a very long history of parades to celebrate roses and to highlight San Jose as a "garden city". In 1896, the first "Carnival of the Roses" parade was held.  The Rose Carnival became the "Fiesta del las Rosas" in 1926.  The parade has since transformed into the Rose, White, and Blue parade.

In 1929, the California Nursery Company entered this float into the Fiesta de las Rosas parade.  The theme of the float was Ramona's wedding from the book, Ramona.  Helen Hunt Jackson's book was well-loved and made into many movies, plays, and apparently, parade floats.

You can watch a movie of the 1929 parade, which does not show this particular float, but is otherwise fun to watch.

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