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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Google Map tour of the California Nursery Company in Niles, California

In the Niles District in Fremont, there is an under-developed mostly unknown park called the California Nursery Historical Park.

For years I have driven by on my way to somewhere else, or stopped by the small retail nursery that was there for a while, or admired the inaccessible Vallejo Adobe, or looked at their antique rose garden and wondered about the windmill. Then there are all those large trees and some of those trees are kind of unusual.

For an "Introduction to Horticulture" class at Merritt College, I decided I would find out what I could about the California Nursery Historical Park and all of those big trees on the property. Certainly there must be an interesting story there!

First, I found an old printed walking tour of the grounds that tells some history of the nursery and identifies some of the trees.  I walked around the grounds and found the map very helpful. But there was so much more that needed explaining and identifying.

Then I found the updated "Landmark Trees of the city of Fremont".

I was curious if I could create a usable walking tour using Google Map.  That way I could bring my phone to the nursery and walk around and find out about the trees, the buildings, and people of the California Nursery Company.  I could have links to various resources and pictures as well. Someday, video and audio could be added.

So here it is, my Google tour!

But first!  Check out the history.

The Google Map tour can be used from the comfort of your computer.

Or if you have a recent model smartphone, you can bring the tour along with you when you visit in person.  I have marked places to eat and to find facilities.   A tour of the nearby Shinn Park is required as well, because it figures in our horticultural history as well.  Ya gotta see the twin Chilean Wine Palms!  And the Japanese Garden!

Remember to bookmark the tour on your phone.  If you forget, there are now some QR codes on the park signs that will get you to the walking tour. Some signs will get you to the Google Map tour.

And if you want to know about ALL of the trees on the property, check out the Boy Scout's map.
And did you see Albert Etter's apples?

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