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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Albert Etter and the California Nursery Company

Albert Etter Apples introduced in 1944 catalog
In 1944, six of Albert Etter's apples were introduced to the public. The California Nursery Company catalog cover shows Jonwin, All Gold, Wickson's Crab, Pink Pearl, and Alaska. Not shown was Humboldt Crab.

All were co-patented with Albert Etter and George Roeding, Jr.

Described in the catalog here are the six varieties.
Notice that Patents were applied for.
An interesting read on Etter and his apple varieties is this one from Ram Fishman. Some interesting points:

  • Etter was originally a strawberry breeder in Northern California on his remote homestead, Ettersberg. He started breeding apples in the late 1920's.
  • Etter crossed wide varieties for his new varieties unlike other hybridizers. Many varieties have the crab apple in their parentage.
  • The pink-fleshed varieties were noted as appealing to children.


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