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Monday, August 7, 2017

The Prœparturiens Burn

PRP, February, 25, 1882
The Prœparturiens Burn

John Rock, with 30 years of the American experience under his belt, was very capable of publicly throwing shade on his fellow nurserymen, as expertly as any twitterati today. 

Apparently in a previous issue of the PRP, Felix Gillet called John Rock out on the matter of the alleged dwarfness of a walnut tree. He said that John Rock couldn't tell a dwarf from standard, that he was deceiving the public, and was unreliable! John Rock counters with several solid references and mentions a dwarf Prœparturiens Walnut that James Lick grew back in 1864 or so. If Felix Gillet had read Downing's Fruits and Fruit Trees of America... "..he certainly would have become possessed of more knowledge of his subject; and it is quite doubtful if his good sense would have led him to make the mistakes —not to say blunders—that he has. " Ooh! Burn!

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26 Feb 1881

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