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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Quince to Perfume a Room

From Wikimedia
Two different people have told me about a quince that can perfume a whole room. I have never noticed any fragrance from any of the garden variety quinces that have come home with me.

So I posted a question on the California Rare Fruit Growers forum. It seems that the quince is Pseudocydonia sinensis, also known as Chinese Quince, Karin, Mugua, Mogwa.

I checked the PlantList to see what is currently the accepted name. "Chaenomeles sinensis (Dum.Cours.) Koehne is an accepted name...". So I googled both.

The bark is quite lovely. Why don't more people plant this just for the peely bark?

Where to buy it? Annie's has it on their "wishlist". J.L. Hudson Seeds has seeds.

Apparently there are some at Burbank's experimental farm.

We visited the farm in October of 2014. I checked my photos and found these pictures. I only have a couple photos from this trip. How odd. I'm rarely that reserved in picture taking. Should have had at least 100.

Are these the Pseudocydonia sinensis?

2017 Update: Yes! That's what they were. I found them at another park. There were some still scattered around the park, but no longer on the tree. But I was disappointed with their perfume. They did make a really great jelly, but not really much different than the "regular" quince. However, this looks like it would be worthwhile landscape plant -


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