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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Transformation of the Vallejo Adobe

LOC. 1937? 
When I look at this photo, I see "Sunset Magazine". Did the Vallejo Adobe influence the Sunset Magazine headquarters?

from Fremont Library
The adobe was reconstructed when? late 1930's? And Sunset Magazine was built in 1951.

Larry Lane visited in 1939.

More in a bit.

Read Frances Roeding's account of the adobe transformation.

Listen to Bruce Roeding and his mother Frances talk about the adobe in this interview with Phil Holmes. Skip to 17:25 or so. Fred Reimers combined the old and new - windows and fireplace. Johannes did the landscape after the building was finished. Two worked together to design Roeding Park. Johannes was a good friend of George Sr. Flower and bulb show came about through the restoration of the adobe. People came down to enjoy the landscaping for a long time. Niles Canyon and International Kitchen was a big tourist draw.

Is it a coincidence that there is a Sunset gardens chair sitting in the adobe garden?

The distinguished John McLaren

The Roeding family, John McLaren, and Sandy P.?

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