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Friday, July 15, 2016

Natives for Shade

Lucky you! You've got dry shade. Why not plant some of the wonderful shade-loving summer-dry non-riparian California natives?

These are the plants we see in the shady oak/bay canyons and slopes of the East Bay hills.


Ocean Spray, Holodiscus discolor

Blue witch at Sunol
Solanum umbelliferum incanum
partial shade/sun

And more:

  • Monkeyflower
  • Snowberry 
  • Dutchman’s pipe 
  • Elk clover
  • Dogwood (wants wetter) 
  • Wild rye 
  • Heucheras 
  • Wood strawberries
  • Cream bush
  • iris
  • pitcher sage 
  • barberry 
  • ninebark 
  • coyote mint 
  • gooseberry 
  • flowering current  
  • yerba buena 
  • scrophularia 
  • fiesta flower 
  • oso berry 
  • elderberry.
  • false blue indigo amorpha californica


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