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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Gardens of San Quentin, 1921

The Garden Magazine, September 1921
I ran into a reference about the gardens of San Quentin in a history of George C. Roeding who died in 1928.

In 1921, "The Garden Beautiful was the idea of a prisoner Pat Tyrone as he was nicknamed who is now free to enjoy the flowers outside. His name has been adopted for every head gardener Roman numerals being added so Pat Tyrone III is now directing this unique garden. Every plant grown has been donated by flower lovers. The members of the Dahlia Society of California each year send a gift box of their best and newest and last spring an appeal was made to the American Dahlia Society members who responded liberally." (p. 197)

"The Garden Beautiful Within Prison Walls",
The Garden Magazine, vol. 34, September, 1921

The Marin Rose, May 2012,
"Softening the Heartscape: Roses in Prison"


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