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Friday, November 14, 2014

Tracking down Luther Burbank, two girls, and a dog

I recently saw two intriguing photos in the California Nursery Company archives. In the photos Luther Burbank is standing in a group near two girls and a dog in the front row. George C. Roeding is also in the front, on the right. Probably lots of other movers and shakers of the nurseryman world in these photos. Who are they? I was curious.

Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Meeting of the Pacific Coast Association of Nurserymen, San Jose, 1911 in google books. There they are! Dogs, girls, Luther Burbank, and George C. Roeding. San Jose in 1911!

The group photo for the Pacific Coast Association of Nurserymen, San Jose, 1911.
Click on photo to enlarge.
Front row from left, the fourth person is Luther Burbank.
Front row, from right, the first person is Geo. C. Roeding.

Front cover of proceedings
Later, I will try to identify more people. A few of the attendee names are known to me.

Page 81, Theodore Payne's paper will be read by H.W. Kruckeberg. So maybe Theodore Payne is not in this photo.
Page 83-90, "California Native Plants for our Gardens", Theodore Payne.
Page 108, description of their trip to visit Luther Burbank.
Page 109, description of lunch at California Nursery Company.
Page 116, Names of Firms and Members, including W.V. Eberly (manager, California Nursery Co.), Geo C. Roeding (president and manager, Fancher Creek Nurseries), H.W. Kruckeberg (horticultural printer), Theodore Payne, John Gill.
Page 125, honorary members, including Luther Burbank.

Other References that I ran across:

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